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Giving Back

The We March Forth Project serves as a platform to raise awareness of the different types of gender inequality issues that are taking place throughout the world while unveiling the extraordinary ways that women are protesting these injustices. 


This project was created in hopes that through the art of photography, these images and stories, could make a lasting impact showcasing the beauty of activism, while also shedding light on critical women’s issues that are taking place around the world.  Not only creating a shift in mindset to the enormity of these issues but also creating some type of lasting change.  


100% of the author's profits will be used to provide a copy of the We March Forth book to each of the independent photographers and photojournalists whose work appears in the book. All additional profits will be donated to organizations that are making positive changes for women and girls across the globe.

Molly Fishman_DC_5.jpg

Photo by: Molly Fishman, Washington, DC

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