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March for Dignity in India

Photograph by: Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan⁠

New Delhi, India 🇮🇳⁠

Organized by the Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan of the National Campaign for Dignity activists marched to bring awareness to sexual violence against women, rape, domestic violence and to honor survivors. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, Rape in India is the fourth most common crime against women. Many times the rapist is someone close to the victim. Violence against women, rape and gang rape are growing problems in this nation.

Rape is increasingly used as an instrument to assert power and intimidate the powerless in India. These horrific crimes have prompted hundreds to take to the streets, and call for the death penalty in parliament. There are various movements fighting against this these atrocities in society. Marches, demonstrations and protests are being put on. Campaigns with the the slogan "Am I Next?" as well as "I will go out" women and men are taking to the streets to speak out against this violation of humankind and to make change in their communities. Perhaps looking forward, this violence against women will decrease. It does leave us with the more to ponder. When will sexual violence and violence against women end? What is our vision for the future?

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